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SAG Stops

For our 50 mile route… plan on spending some dollars at the Stop 2 Shop in Alma at mile 25.8 while utilizing their restrooms as we are about local spending.  We will have water outside for those wanting a quick refill before turning west.  At mile 37.8, look for our Red Dirt timing truck to provide more water… should you need it before finishing the last 14ish miles.  We encourage you to carry any nutrition you need for your ride this day.

For our 100 mile route… ditto on the dollars at Stop 2 Shop with water outside.  At mile 57, you’ll go back in time while resting at the Volland Blacksmith Shop just behind the unique Volland Store.  Our SAG volunteers will lay out quite the spread of fruit, PB&J and other assorted goodies.  Water will be plentiful.  You can drop your own bag at the start line if you are on the 100 mile route.  We will get it to Volland and return it to the finish line.  At mile 77.1, look for the Pathfinder tent in the trees with nutritional snacks and more water.  Do you see our theme of keeping you hydrated?  At mile 93.5, look for our Red Dirt timing truck and more H2O before heading for the end 14ish miles away.

All riders should be aware that we have Jeep Support on course.  Should you need any assistance, flag one down… they are also carrying water!

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